Communication Track - the first ten projects


1. The Ice Breaker – to discover speaking skills you already have and skills that need some attention.

2. Organize Your Speech – to select an outline that allows the audience to follow and understand your speech

3. Get To The Point – to bring out your message

4. How To Say It – to use simple words and sentence structure

5. Your Body Speaks – to use body language

6. Vocal Variety – to use various aspects of your voice

7. Research Your Topic – to support your speech with facts, examples and illustrations

8. Get Comfortable With Visual Aids – to add impact to a speech

9. Persuade With Power – to persuade listeners to adopt your viewpoint or ideas or take some actions

10. Inspire Your Audience – to inspire listeners by appealing to noble motives and challenge them to achieve a higher level of achievement



Leadership Track - the first ten projects


1. Listening

2. Critical Thinking

3. Giving Feedback

4. Time Management

5. Planning and Implementation

6. Organization and Delegation

7. Facilitation

8. Motivation

9. Mentoring

10. Team Building